Creativity Nourishes the Soul


Now imagine if John Lennon had composed “Imagine” for the ukulele
Maybe people would have truly got the message

You may think my approach is simple-minded and naïve
Like if you wanna change the world then why not quit and feed the hungry?
But people for millennia have needed music to survive
And that is why I’ve promised John that I will not feel guilty

These are part of the lyrics by musician, Amanda Palmer.  In her song “Ukulele Anthem”, she sings about her philosophy that violence can be minimized by fostering people’s creativity.

I agree that bringing more of that creative energy into your life, leaves less room for destructive tendencies.  Art, poetry, writing, music and other creative activities are essential for a happy, functioning society.  It is just as vital to nourish the soul as it is to nourish the body.

Amanda’s song inspired me to paint my visual interpretation of “Ukulele Anthem”.

Ukelele Anthem

So at the same time that I work for social justice causes, I also use my art and writing to help change the world for the better.  I urge all my creative friends to “promise John” Lennon that they won’t feel guilty for taking the time for their creativity.  It shapes the world into a better place!


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