A Beacon of Blessings


Although many people have heard of the Impressionists, not so many are familiar with the Expressionists.  These are artists who seek to express meaning rather than physical reality.  Colors and lines are often used in an almost subliminal way to create feeling.  However, most of the familiar artists painting in this style do it out of angst.  An example of this style would be “The Scream” by Edvard Munch.

I consider myself an Expressionist, but I strive to capture the emotions of love, passion and joy.  I hope by seeing my art on the wall that it acts as a daily reminder to brings these qualities into your life.  Valentine Series IV was inspired by a sculpture by Bernini in Rome.

Valentine Series IV - 9.5"x 14" oil painting

Valentine Series IV – 9.5″x 14″ oil painting

I wrote down this quote as a reminder to myself when I create artwork.

“Why not be a beacon of blessings, constantly broadcasting images that promote health and well-being? People just might live up to our expectations, just as easily as they can live down to them. Plus, it has a tonic effect on the one who acts as a beacon of blessings.” – Brezsny

So as an affirmation for the week:

I am a beacon of blessings and blessings flow into my life and out to others without effort.

– Patricia Robin Woodruff