The Wellspring of Creativity


I recently had a friend and fellow artist tell me about an intense experience she had. When she finished the painting and stepped back from it and really looked, she just wept. She felt like she had never painted anything that beautiful; that it was God guiding her hand and creating thru her.  Some people might not comprehend her description, but as a fellow artist and writer, I deeply understood having experienced the same thing myself.

Julia Cameron author of many books including The Artist’s Way stated:
“I think writing is by its very nature transformational. I believe that the minute you put pen to page you start to alter your consciousness, and the more writing you do, the more closely connected you are to a higher power. Some people can call it the muse. Other people say it’s God. Whatever you care to call it, when you write, you connect to it.”

This applies to anyone in a truly creative endeavor; be it artist, actor, programmer, singer, dancer or writer.  The more you increase your connection to this Creative Force, the more productive you will be and the better the creative work will be.  Sometimes I look at a painting that I created while in this “flow” and I have a feeling of astonishment.  I created that?!  It feels as if I were channeling a creative force which was creating thru me.

In Greek tradition, the Muses were the goddesses of inspiration.  They are the offspring of the most powerful god, Zeus and Mnemosyne, who is Memory.  They are associated with springs of water and indeed, their inspiration is like a flow of creative waters thru an artist.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary they are “implicit in words and phrases such as “amuse”, “museum” (Latinised from mouseion—a place where the muses were worshipped), “music”, and “musing upon.” Just as these words are present in our daily lives, the Creative Force is as well.  Just like a flowing spring, the more we can clear the obstructions of daily life, and increase the flow of creativity by practice and repetition, the swifter and clearer that Creative Force can move thru us.

– Patricia Robin Woodruff

Crystal Clear Thoughts 11"x14" pastel on velour paper

Crystal Clear Thoughts
11″x14″ pastel on velour paper