Fires of Creativity Rising


I find that a spiritual retreat is just the thing to energize my art and writing ideas; one of my favorites is Fires Rising at Four Quarters Interfaith Sanctuary of Earth Religions.  Four Quarters is located in Pennsylvania and is host to several festivals throughout the year.  There is also a similar event held in Nevada, organized on the same principals.

Fires Rising 11"x14" watercolor by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Fires Rising 11″x14″ watercolor by Patricia Robin Woodruff

Fires Rising uses a fire circle as the central focus.  People dance and drum all night and there is a structure of small rituals that help focus the mind on identifying problems, mourning them if they need that, a “softening stage” of acceptance and then transforming it into a solution or something good.  The symbology used is an alchemical process of transforming your “lead” into “gold.”

This three night process has been very inspirational for me.  Not only does it help me work through problems in daily life, but it also sparks creative ideas for books and paintings.  (Kind of like a very intense working through of Julia Cameron’s, The Artist’s Way.)  The Artist’s Way is on a more cerebral level, whereas Fires Rising helps you through it with physical dance and movement, and at a more intuitive level with the drumming and chant.

If you enjoy the wild environment of the fire circle, check out my clothing designs that incorporate imagery from Fires Rising and the Stone Circle at Four Quarters.

For a positive affirmation:

“I find creativity, healing and solutions in music and movement.”

– Patricia Robin Woodruff