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My essay on “Being A Creator” is included in this uplifting book, Floyd Folks: Collective Wisdom from a (One Stoplight) Mountain Community.

Floyd, Virginia has been described as, “…a unique mountain community known for its music, its natural beauty, its arts, and its diverse, caring people. Located atop the Blue Ridge Plateau in southwestern Virginia, Floyd County is a haven removed from the rush of urbanity, yet alive with the sounds, colors and textures of rural life.”  A postcard proudly proclaims, “Where tie-dye and coveralls live in harmony.”  However you describe it, it is a place filled with people who think deeply about their lives and choices.

This is not a book about Floyd, but rather a distillation of creative, thoughtful people who were drawn together to this mountain community.  Author Tommy Bailey compiled this book with words of wisdom from many of Floyd’s mindful and visionary folks.  It is a book to uplift and inspire and I am grateful to be included in it.

All the profits from this book will be contributed to back to the community through various groups such as Sustain Floyd, the Humane Society, and others.  This is a book to make a difference!

“I had wanted to write about my art; why I feel the need to create, what images stir my soul. I just found I couldn’t tell about my art without explaining my relationship with the Creative Spirit and the power of positive thinking.”

– Patricia Robin Woodruff