Slavic moons on Coyote Network News


Boy, have I been busy! While everyone has been holed up from Covid, I’ve been researching and writing furiously. The first book of my series, The Roots of Slavic Magic is in its final editing stage, then it gets Indexed and then goes to press. I recently appeared on Caroline Casey’s Coyote Network News which is broadcast out of Berkeley, CA but recordings can also be found on her webpage We got to discuss new moons and the concept of different new years and wandered into many other fascinating concepts such as the World Tree, the cycle of the deities, the Lord of the Animals, etc. As I have been researching Slavic beliefs, I found out that what I was actually researching was the Indigenous beliefs of the Land which goes back way further than the definition of Slav and the language that defines Slavic people. So have a listen and enjoy our meanderings through astrology, plant lore, goddesses, gods, and traditions.

I’m scheduled to talk again with Caroline Casey next week, Thursday, April 21st, 2022 too!

  • Patricia Robin Woodruff