3 Reasons I Believe in Angels


I believe in angels. I’m not sure about the winged, heavenly versions, but I know for sure that earthly ones are out there.

Cherubim 11"x14" pastel reproduction

Cherubim 11″x14″ pastel reproduction

1) Angels turn up in unexpected places.  When my son was having to visit the hospital on a regular basis, we would stay at the Ronald McDonald House.  They only charged us a minimal fee of $10 a night.  However, my husband was out of work and we had absolutely no where to squeeze out that minimum fee but were scheduled for an appointment.  We were leaving that day to go to the hospital and were going to ask them to possibly waive it, when we got a $50 check in the mail!  The note included was from a neighbor who had just found out that our healthy looking son actually had a heart condition and they were grateful that their grandkids were all healthy and this angelic person was  giving us $50 to use for our son’s care.  That’s when I learned the meaning of,

“Don’t believe in miracles – depend on them.”                          – Lawrence J. Peter

2) Friends can be our angels.  Sometimes they can act as guardian angels, giving advice and keeping us from acting on impulse.  I have a dear friend who acts as an inspirational angel; helping me with art ideas and providing encouragement in my creative endeavors.  Best of all is a partner who can fill that role too.  I know I am blessed with angelic guidance all around me!

3) Children provide us with angelic insight. My 5 year old son was chatting with my father about a fellow on TV who made his living by fishing.  My dad was astounded that a person could make a living doing something that was fun.  Later, my son commented sagely, “Mom, I don’t think Pop-pop has his priorities straight.”  Little cherubs remind us of the things that are important to focus on; love, hugs, enjoying the day, taking joy in simple things, following a life you love…  For that reason, I turned this pastel into a pendant to wear as a reminder.

“Make yourself familiar with the angels, and behold them frequently in spirit; for, without being seen, they are present with you.”- St Francis de Sales

I see angels as personified spiritual energy and so my life is *full* of angels and their guidance.  – Patricia Robin Woodruff