Three Ways to Keep the Honeymoon Glow


June is a time of blossoming, of joy, of full blooming roses and full blooming love.  I, like so many others, was married in June and the full moon then is called the Honey Moon. We have celebrated the Honey Moon twenty-seven times now and look forward to many more.  We have managed to grow together and have kept the fires of passion and love alive in our relationship.

So I will give you my suggestions for three ways to keep the honeymoon glow in a relationship:

1) Keep the spirit of play alive in your relationship.  Surprise your partner with something you know they’ll like; a candy bar, a comic book, a card…  Try new experiences together.  Pick out an adventure that you would both like to try, whether it’s hiking a trail nearby, or save up to visit Tibet.  Adventures together shake up your daily life and bring the freshness of the honeymoon back to a relationship.

2) Delight in each others’ bodies.  Be sure you remember to compliment your partner when something strikes you: that color looks particularly nice on them, you like that scent on them, or how nice they look by firelight.  Exercise and go for walks together.  Hold hands.  Cherish your intimate time together.

3) Delight in each others’ interests.  While we don’t do everything together, we can at least support each other’s interests.  He likes to fly kites, so I help him spread out the lines, help launch the kite and help untangle it on those few awkward occasions.  He is supportive of my art endeavors and loves seeing what I have created each day, giving me positive feedback.

Pink Kiss 1"x1.5" pendant by Patricia Robin Woodruff
Pink Kiss 1″x1.5″ pendant by Patricia Robin Woodruff

I created this painting, Pink Kiss, for my partner.  It was created in a very Zen like moment, where the brush strokes completely flowed, forming the likeness of two lovers merging in a kiss.  I like the fact that their genders are indistinguishable, since I believe love makes a marriage and should not be limited.

Wishing you love and light,

– Patricia Robin Woodruff