Refilling the Well of Inspiration


This time last year, I was on the island of Ponza.  I had been studying art in Rome since January and my soul was longing for release from the city noise and pressure of people.  A friend of a friend mentioned the island of Ponza (which I had never even heard of!)  It is often used by the Italians as a get-away, but in April it was still very much “off season.”   A train ride out from Rome and then a ferry out from the town of Formia put me on this beautiful, peaceful island.


The view from my balcony overlooked an amazingly clear blue bay.  I was looking down on the seagulls flying below!  The other side of the bay was topped with a crumbling 14th century fort (which, of course, was explored on the first day!)  It was surrounded by golden flowering gorse bushes and the hum of busy bees.


The next four days were spent hiking up and down hills in the quaint little town, as well as around the wild parts of the island.  I swam in a 2000 year old “swimming pool” carved from the volcanic rock by the Romans, sailed around the grottos and cerulean blue waters of the island and basked in the gentle sounds of nature.

My goal in Rome was to produce 5 paintings a week, and while I didn’t actually do any paintings here on this island, just the thought of it filled up my soul.  When I came back to Rome, it inspired me to a flurry of artistic activity.  You don’t have to travel as far away as Ponza, but as a creative soul, beauty is necessary to create.  If your soul is sapped by your surroundings, it is important to “refill the well” of your creativity.  Find a place of beauty to renew yourself; a cathedral, a park, a walk on the beach… We cannot keep pouring out unless we refill ourselves.  Find a place to refresh your spirit and it will spark your creativity in amazing ways!